Chess Team, advisor D. Cook

Environmental Club, advisor
Meets Thursdays in room 605.  Learn about and educate others on how we can help be better stewards of our environment. Plan an annual Earth Day Celebration for April.

Key Club, advisors F. Hertz
Students at Rondout Valley High School are in the beginning stages of requesting a charter Key Club.  Key Club is the largest and oldest service club for high school students.  It is a student-led club sponsored by a Kiwanis club.  Kingston Kiwanis is kindly offering support to Rondout Valley students for a Key Club to support Peer Mediation and other types of service to the school and the community. 

Math Team, advisor L. Drake
We meet on Wednesdays for practice from late September until March. Once a month we go to Kingston High School for DUSO competition. The club is open to all students, especially those who like math and competition.

Mock trial, advisor D. Ricci
January through early March... unless we make it to regionals… and then all bets are off. Meetings are twice a week (not including competitions).  Days of week vary based on core members’ involvements with other things.

National Honor Society, advisor Tara Hyland
National Honor Society is a national organization for students who show excellence in Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character.  They are invited to join in the second half of their sophomore or junior year if they have a 90 or above cumulative average, and submit an application that includes confirmation of their service and leadership activities and write an essay discussing what they hope to accomplish and contribute should they be selected.  The faculty council of NHS reviews all applications.  Members of NHS at Rondout each design and implement an individual service project and participate in a group project. NHS runs the high school tutoring program.  Each member is responsible for tutoring students.  To sign up for a tutor, fill out a form in the guidance office.  NHS also receives requests from other schools in the district and community organizations for help with their projects.  NHS students volunteer to help all over the place.  Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Newcomer's Uplifted, advisors F. Hertz & J. Reeder
Newcomer's Uplifted is a program for incoming 9th graders that is facilitated by upperclassmen with the goal of strengthening community in the building and helping 9th graders make the most out of their high school experience. 9th grade students are assigned to small groups led by two peer leaders that meet weekly during lunch periods from September through January.  All participating students are invited to attend a trip to Tongore Park in September and a free trip to NYC in January.  Upperclassmen interested in being peerleaders submit written applications in May, are interviewed in June and attend a training in late August, as well as weekly Peerleader meetings throughout the first semester.

Peer Mediation, advisors M. Marquis
Peer leaders are trained each year to help fellow students to listen, work cooperatively to solve problems, disagree respectfully and keep the peace in school.  Peer mediation is an anti-drama campaign.  The aim is to keep the focus on positive interactions in support of a strong academic climate. Meetings are held monthly during academic study hall.  There is a two-day training each fall at Bard College.  There is also an April retreat that includes peer mediators from other schools.

School Newspaper, advisor J. Reeder
The Legend meets every other Friday, and we have various fundraising events throughout the year.  We put out a paper once a month or once every two months, depending on the finances and level of commitment from the staff. We employ writers, artists, photographers, and editors.

Science Olympiad, advisor M. Marusek
Meets in room 207 to prepare for the national science and engineering contest hosted for our region at UCCC.  Meets once a week and more often as the Feb. event draws closer.

Service Learning Steering Committee, advisors, F. Hertz & K. Barnes
The Service Learning Steering Committee is a group of teachers, students, administrators and community members working toward increased incorporation of service to the community into the Rondout experience. We are currently planning a grade-level project day for the class of 2011 in October and are working as a committee with the 4th grade at Rosendale Elementary School to plant a garden this May.

Stage Crew, advisor N. Bodnar
Helps set up AV equipment during the day, they also replace bulbs in overheads set up DVD and VCR's.

Student Congress, advisor R. Gohl
Meets every other week.  Organizes events such as dances, fall and spring blood drives, Senior Citizen Ball, Spring fling, etc.

Synthesis/Diversity, advisor T. Edmonds
A student led club that is trying to make positive differences in our schools.  We plan and take part in a variety of events that are geared toward fostering acceptance of all people regardless of their differences.  We work to educate other students about important issues in their lives including, among other things, civil rights, the environment, and the on-going conflicts around the world.  Synthesis/Diversity attempts to get students involved in the world around them and encourages leadership and youth empowering skills.  We are active all year and meet on a weekly basis.  Come join us and help to make positive change!

Tech Club, advisor N. Bodnar
Decides what they want to focus on ever year.  One year they ran a car show.  Another year they built a Pumpkin chucker. This year they did 3DMAX computer games.

Yoga Club, advisor A. Abbruzzi