9th Grade Academy

Quick Teacher Guide For Parents & Students - Link found to the left

Included in the pamphlet to the left are each teacher’s…
preferred contact information. 
webpage or digital classroom information. 
where homework can be found. 
when extra help is available.

We hope that you will find this pamphlet helpful!

Guidance Counselors:
Peter Costello (student last names A – F*)
Ext. 4256

Jody Hoffman (student last names O – Z*) 
Ext. 4209

Holly Miller (student last names G – N*)
Ext. 4212

Megan Marquis (Student support services)
Ext. 4269

*with a few exceptions

Grade Reporting Dates

March 4th- 3rd Quarter- 5 week reports

April 15th- 3rd Quarter- Report Cards

May 20th-  4th Quarter- 5 week reports

June 23rd- 4th quarter- Report Cards