June 2018 Regents Exam Schedule

June 2018 Regents Exam Schedule
Posted on 06/05/2018
testThe June Regents/RCT/FINALS examination period begins, Tuesday, June 5th and Tuesday, June 12 thru Thursday, 21st. Please review the June Regents schedule listed. Information about transportation is also listed. If you have any further questions, please contact the school or your child’s teacher.

The only students who are to come to school during the Regents exam period (June 5th and June 12th-21st) are students who are taking a test that day or have scheduled review sessions 
Regular busses will run in the morning.
The bus schedule is slightly different for each day of the testing period as follows:

June 5th and June 12th-21st :
For students who only have an afternoon exam, please let your bus driver know that you need a ride in.    
There will be a mid-day bus that will take students home at 11:30 am, please have your student mention it to their bus driver.
There WILL be a regular bus at 2:30 pm  to take students home.
There will be a late run bus at 4:15 pm.  This bus will not take students directly home, students will be dropped off at the late run designated spots. 
Students arriving to school after the 8:00 am exam start time MUST enter through the WELCOME CENTER.
Students are required to be in their testing site for a minimum of 2 hours.  After that, they can leave with teacher permission and go directly to the cafeteria.  If they are done testing for the day and have an arranged ride home, they are to leave campus.  Since the afternoon bus does not leave until 4:15, we encourage students to arrange rides home after their afternoon exams.


DATE                              EXAM                              TIME
Tuesday, June 5th            Calculus FINAL              8:00 am  
Tuesday, June 5th            Pre-Calculus FINAL          8:00 am
Tuesday, June 5th            Global REGENTS              8:00 am
Tuesday, June 5th            College Algebra FINAL      12:00 pm
Tuesday, June 5th            Statistics FINAL              12:00 pm

Tuesday, June 12th          English 11 REGENTS          8:00 am
Tuesday, June 12th          Algebra I REGENTS          12:00 pm

Wednesday, June 13th     US History REGENTS          8:00 am
Wednesday, June 13th     Living Environment REGENTS 12:00 pm
Thursday, June 14th        Earth Science REGENTS 8:00 am
Thursday, June 14th        Algebra II REGENTS 12:00 pm
Friday June 15th              9th Grade English FINAL 8:00 am
Monday, June 18th          Spanish III – Checkpoint B 12:00 pm
Monday, June 18th          French III – Checkpoint B 12:00 pm
Tuesday, June 19th          Geometry REGENTS 8:00 am
Tuesday, June 19th          Physics REGENTS 12:00 pm
Wednesday, June 20th      Chemistry REGENTS 8:00 am