Important End of Year Information for Seniors

Important End of Year Information for Seniors
Posted on 06/09/2017
photo of a graduation cap

Dear Parents and Members of the Class of 2017:

Congratulations!  We are almost there.  I am writing to inform you of the details regarding this year’s graduation and upcoming senior festivities.   I ask for your help so that graduation is a wonderful event and a celebration of our students’ academic achievements.  You can help by simply reading the information enclosed and participating in the manner outlined below. 

Caps & Gowns:   Caps & gowns can be picked up outside the cafeteria starting Friday, June 2nd.   Please have your student see one of their class advisors prior to graduation day for pick up.  We will not be distributing them on graduation day.  The cost for a cap and gown is $25.00.   Checks can be made payable to “RVHS Class of 2017.”       

Student Obligations:  Certain obligations must be fulfilled prior to graduation day.  All financial obligations to the high school must be met.  This will include the return of all books and/or other equipment which the student has signed for during the school year.  School does not end until the last examination is taken.

Graduation Rehearsal: Rehearsal for graduation will be conducted on Wednesday, June 21st at 8:30 a.m. in the high school auditorium; please bring your Cap & Gown with you!  This rehearsal is mandatory.  Seniors are expected to be at rehearsal if they plan to participate in graduation ceremonies. It is critical that we all do a walk through of the process together to help eliminate some of the confusion.

Graduation: Graduation will be conducted on Friday, June 23rd  at 6 p.m. Rain or Shine.  Shine on the football field, Rain in the Auditorium.  Please read below for further instructions.

    • 5:00 p.m. Meeting:  ALL students who will be graduating are to meet at the high school auditorium at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 23rd in their caps and gowns.  We will get organized in the high school back gym if the ceremony is inside and go over a few last minute items before the we begin.  If your student is NOT at the high school by 5:00 p.m., we are going to assume that they are not attending graduation and their diploma will be pulled from the box prior to the ceremony.   We ask for your cooperation as we would like to have graduation start promptly at 6 p.m. so families can make it to their dinner reservations, etc. after the graduation ceremony. 
    • Faculty/staff seating: RVHS faculty and staff will sit on the home bleachers behind the graduation podium if we are outside.
    • Line up:  Faculty members will join us and lead the procession onto the field down to the designated seating area for the graduates.  
    • Appropriate Attire: Graduation day is the highlight of your high school career.  Your dress and demeanor are a reflection of the years you have spent at Rondout Valley.  Therefore, a dress code will be strictly enforced.  The only acceptable attire is as follows:  Boys – dress shirt, tie, slacks, shoes and socks; Girls – dress-slacks, dress and/or skirt and blouse and shoes.  No shorts or flip flops are permitted.  No graffiti should appear on caps and/or gowns.  This is an occasion where everyone who is important to you will proudly be watching and looking your best enhances this occasion.
    • Graduation Behavior:  Graduation is a happy time, but we ask for your help in making sure one person’s celebration doesn’t ruin another’s graduation.  In the past, some beach balls were batted around during graduation disrupting commencement.  It is important that each graduate have his/her moment in the sun, so please be respectful and to the greatest degree possible let’s save the celebrating until all of the students have received their diplomas. 
    • Handicapped seating:  There will be designated handicapped seating behind the graduates and high school staff. 
    • When the Graduation Ceremony Ends:  After the students receive their diplomas, Superintendent Agostaro will officially certify our graduation class.  Thereafter, the Class of 2017 will lead the recessional out in the same fashion in which they entered (two by two, etc.).   This is a great opportunity to take pictures and to honor the students for the last time.  Please wait to meet up with the graduates until after they are off the field.
    • What happens if it rains?  We are going to try our best to have graduation outside on the 23rd.  If we need to move graduation inside members of the Class of 2017 will get a message via the School Messenger phone system.  We will also post the information on the school web site.

Traffic & Parking:  There are three entrances to the campus

  1. The bus entrance that runs behind the visiting football bleachers to the bus loop –


  2. The parking lot nearest to the 500 wing entrance to the high school – SECOND STREET
  3. The newest entrance which runs to the high school gymnasium and the District Office – THIRD STREET
  4.  Parking is on a first come, first serve basis. Once a lot is full, it will be closed.
  5. Handicapped parking:  There is limited handicapped parking in each lot. The handicapped parking closest to the football field is found in the bus loop (use entrance 1) and in the parking lot between the gym and the District Office (Use entrance 3). 
  6. Wheelchair access: The easiest wheelchair access to the football field is at the southern end of the track nearest the high school gymnasium.  The new concrete walkways on the home field side of the football field are also wheelchair accessible from the 500 Wing parking lot, the bus loop parking lot or the parking lot nearest the high school gymnasium. 

Graduation is truly a rite of passage.  Let us all work together to make it a beautiful and memorable occasion.  Permit me to extend to you congratulations on behalf of the entire staff and the high school community on your achievement.  Congratulations and good luck!  If you have any further questions, please call 687-2400 ext. 4201. 


Robert Cook
High School Principal