RVHS Parents Association

Mission Statement
The Rondout Valley High School Parents Association is committed to the successful education of all of our students so they are prepared for career and college.
The mission of the Association is to support and promote programs and activities that enhance critical thinking and problem-solving, encourage student-directed learning, and foster collaborative team work, so that our graduates are prepared with skills and inspired to be stewards and empathetic leaders in this community and beyond.
We pledge to be a strong ally to our students, faculty, administration and community, in the creation of this educational process, so that we may all have pride in our High School.

On Wednesday Jan 11th our Rondout Valley Business Association (RVBA) sponsored a breakfast meeting at Mohonk Mountain House. The guest speaker was County Executive Mike Hein who discussed the past, present and future of Ulster County and Rondout Valley. SUNY Ulster’s president, Dr. Al Roberts, who attended this event, received a round of applause when Mr. Hein acknowledged his expertise in developing community partnerships that focus on student success.

Three RV high school students, who are juniors and were sponsored by the RVBA to attend this event, are pictured here with County Executive Mike Hein.

three students with County Executive Mike Hein

Some of our projects to date include:

  • Welcome and Presentation for Faculty
  • Involvement in the Wall of Pride
  • Community and school showing of the Dreamers Among Us (a film about access to college for immigrants)
  • Collaboration with the RVBA - Business Association on Mock Interview,The Leadership Institute Course and Job Fair.
  • Development of a regular Lunch Time Community Speaker Series.
  • Monthly Meeting Presentations including:
    • Guidance Department > Description of responsibilities and goals
    • English Department > Discussion about curriculum
    • The emerging Agricultural Project within the High School
    • BOCES > descriptions of what they have to offer
  • On-going work on the outside entrance and signage
  • Collaboration with Guidance Department in offering a “preparing for college for parents evening”
  • Development of articles for local media about the accomplishments of the School
  • Participation in Board meetings
  • Participation in curriculum development

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For more information contact: Lynn Gilbert lynnsdell@aol.com or Nelda Gerner  gernernelda@gmail.com